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Why St. Jude Pain Centers?

St. Jude Pain Centers comprises a group of work-leading experts in implantable neurostimulation options for patients suffering from debilitating chronic pain. Our CEO, Dr. Ken Reed, has performed neurostimulator implants for over 30 years, has invented some of the key procedures currently in use (has over 8 US patents issued), and has contributed pivotal papers in the medical research in the field. His experience and dedication to patient care are matched by his partner physicians in key centers across the nation. Each partner physician is an individually sought-after leader in the field with decades of experience.

In our dedication to the patient, we believe that there is no other place that brings together the singular resources of St. Jude Pain Centers, including the experience, reputation, and dedicated patient focus of all of our physician partners.

Our Philosophy

St. Jude Pain Centers’ physicians and staff work together every day towards a single goal – helping our patients get relief from their debilitating chronic pain through the application of the appropriate implantable stimulator for them.


Learn more about our permanent pain relief treatment options, and find out if St. Jude Pain Centers is right for you.