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About St. Jude Pain Centers

St. Jude Pain Centers came about with the vision and goal of having the world’s leading experts on Spinal Cord Stimulation, as well as other modalities of implantable neurostimulation for chronic pain, come together “under one roof” with a goal of providing patients across the United States the opportunity of accessing their specialized knowledge and skills towards the end of controlling the patient’s chronic pain.

Providing the Best Care Possible

At St. Jude Pain Centers we believe that we have achieved that goal. Simply reviewing the qualifications of each of our physician partners, it will become evident that we have indeed assembled world-leading experts in the field. Each of the partners has been implanting stimulators for decades, and each has implanted hundreds or thousands of patients. In addition, our partners are individually recognized as leaders in the field. Several of our specialists have held key leadership positions in the governing body of the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, including its presidency. Several of our specialists were professors at leading institutions, and all have published numerous research papers in the field. Our CEO Dr. Reed indeed is the author, or co-author, of numerous pivotal publications in the field, where he partnered with specialists from such prominent institutions as the Mayo Clinic and Duke Medical School. Additionally, our specialists have indeed invented some of the procedures that are employed today. Dr. Reed has been issued 8 patents from the USPTO for various inventions of devices, as well as surgical techniques of stimulator placement. Further, all of our specialists are sought out for training by other specialists in the field, and all are sought-after speakers both nationally and internationally.

The key point of St. Jude Pain Centers’ approach though is that our specialists actually bring to bear their accumulated experience, along with the other qualities noted above, towards the singular goal of providing each individual patient the absolute best care possible when they are considering implantable neurostimulation for their chronic pain.


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