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Implanted neurostimulation for pain control, including Spinal Cord Stimulation and the Vega Procedure, employ fully FDA-approved devices and have so far controlled the pain and restored the lives of thousands of patients suffering from chronic pain. St. Jude Pain Centers’ specialists have had numerous of their patients appear on various local and national outlets describing their success stories. Included below are some of these, as well as those of other patients where the life-changing results of these procedures are detailed.

CBS News Profiles Spinal Stimulation

Dr. Hanna and his patient Miguel describe successful results for Spinal Cord Stimulation.

CBS News profiles Miguel’s successful results from Spinal Cord Stimulation. Miguel had suffered from debilitating back pain until he saw Dr. Hanna, who recommended Spinal Cord Stimulation. Watch Dr. Hanna describe the procedure and Miguel describe the wonderful results.

Fox News Profiles Kim’s Successful Implant

Dr. Reed and his patient Kim’s successful, life-restoring results are detailed.

Kim was a young college student incapacitated by chronic headaches, such that she had to leave school and live at home. Watch the video to learn about how Dr. Reed’s neurostimulator implant controlled her pain and allowed her to return to university and a full life.

CBS News on SCS as a Drug-Free Alternative

Spinal Cord Stimulator controls single mother’s pain.

Connie, a single mother of two, suffered from incapacitating back and leg pain. She even considered amputation; yet, she refused to take narcotics. Watch to see how Spinal Cord Stimulation provided the solution for Connie and allowed her to return to her family with her pain under control without narcotics.

The Doctor’s Show Profiles the Reed Procedure for Chronic Pain

Emilie’s incapacitating headaches are controlled by an implantable neurostimulator. Her life is restored.

A young high school student is home-bound due to severe daily head pain. Watch to see how an implanted neurostimulator by Dr. Reed fully controlled her pain, allowing her to return to school, family, and a normal life.


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